Housing is included. We've got this on lock.

Morton's Historic Motel isn't your Motel Seis. It's an active landmark that possesses the magic that always has resided in Idlewild. We've rented the entire lodge for lodging and we'll also be utilizing the courtyard for concerts, bonfires and amazing eats!

Don't sleep. Well, get your sleep, but only in your room. 


Don't worry about booking. We'll automatically book your room upon ticket purchase. 

Room variations are minimal. To put it simply - we have rooms that accomodate duos and rooms that can accommodate up to four. 

1 jr suite - up to 4 ppl

3 rooms with 2 full size beds - up to 4 ppl

4 rooms with single full size beds - up to 2 ppl

8 rooms with single full size beds + kitchenette - up to 2 ppl.

Have a large group? Give us a shout at kwaku@mln8.co! We'll work to make sure that you're taken care of.