We know you have questions. We've got answers!

Q: Is Return of Idlewild a festival in Detroit?

A: No, Return of Idlewild (ROI) is a 3-day retreat in Idlewild, MI. We'll bus you up there, house you, feed you. Turn up with you. Laugh with you. Cry with you. Toast with you. Spark with you. In Idlewild though. Not here. lol

Q: Do I have to transport and house myself?

A: No. The full ticket covers your transportation (there and back), your housing and all meals. However, if you'd like to transport and house yourself purchase the 'Bare Necessities' ticket that will cover your meals, concerts, water sports, ATVs and parties. Just house yourself and get yourself up there and you're good to go.

Q: Can I come with a group?

A: Yes! It's encouraged! Each room is a double occupancy (one queen bed) that suits two people. We also have a few quad occupancy rooms (two queen beds) that will house you and three of your friends. You also get a bit of a discount (rebate) if you book this room together. 

Q: What about alcohol

A: Alcohol is literally the only thing that isn't covered on this trip. We will continue to work toward sponsorship to include this in your package as well. Stay tuned!

Q: How are we getting to Idlewild? 

A: Idlewild is 3 hours north of Detroit. We'll be travelling by coach bus to and from Idlewild. Trust us, the party begins ON THE BUS. 

Q: Who is actually planning this trip?

A: Three fellas from Detroit. Kwaku Osei-Bonsu, the logistical lead, is the organizer of Detroit Black Restaurant Week (the food's gonna be amazing). Kevin Irwin - the culture lead of the weekend, is the face AND voice of StockX. Malcolm Walker (DJ Bleek) is the head of entertainment for the weekend and DJ extroadinaire from Detroit, MI. Ya'll, its the trifecta in this thang!